"Most IoT devices lack security by design…treating customers as techno-crash test dummies"
- James Scott, Sr. Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

Simplifying Security and PSA Compliance

NXM TrustStarTM is the first chip vendor agnostic platform that orchestrates the design, deployment, and management of PSA security at scale across the entire IoT supply chain. TrustStar offers a unified software platform that reduces the complexity of managing a chain-of-trust, replacing proprietary tools and manual processes with a fully automated solution.

The best part is no part

Coordinating the supply chain to maintain security has historically been a complex, labor intensive undertaking involving just in time delivery of specialized modules (HSMs) for securing production processes. TrustStar replaces this with a secure, auditable, software-based Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) process that protects the entire supply chain and eliminates single points-of-failure vulnerabilities that can lead to catastrophic, network-wide device breaches.

What is PSA?

Originally spearheaded by Arm, Platform Security Architecture (PSA) is an open framework that seeks to standardize security in connected devices through adoption of a common security API anchored in silicon, allowing the industry to transition from vendor-specific implementations to a global standard. PSA focuses on low-level chip features, including secure boot, crypto libraries and secure storage.

Why does the PSA supply chain require orchestration?

The steps needed to create production-ready PSA-certified chips requires complex coordination between multiple stakeholders. TrustStar orchestrates the entire product supply chain process, including PSA chip certification, flashing, product manufacturing and ongoing firmware updates, automatically tracking and validating every step in the PSA process as the chip passes through the product supply chain.

Cost-effective solution for the entire supply chain

In the same way that PSA replaces vendor-specific security on the chip, TrustStar eliminates multi-vendor fragmentation in the supply chain. This makes it easier for chip vendors, contract manufacturers and OEMs to quickly release and ramp-up the production of new products.

Fast-Track to UL’s Secure IoT Component Qualification

TrustStar enables manufacturers to reuse their PSA certification and reduce overheads and costs associated with third-party evaluations such as UL’s Secure IoT Component Qualification certification.

Eliminates device cloning and firmware piracy

With TrustStar’s optional on-prem solution for contract manufacturers, OEMs gain greater control over the manufacturing process and can disrupt unwanted grey market activities. This includes the ability to control how many products are manufactured, as well as preventing cloning and firmware piracy.

Compatible with major IoT platforms

OEMs remain free to choose their preferred IoT Platform from leading cloud vendors that provide device management tools and services for IoT products, including AWS IoT Core and Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.

The Big Picture

Secure Supply Chain Management


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