"Physicists have created the next nuclear bomb and it is free to use online."
- Quantum Security Alliance

Quantum-Safe Security

Rapid advances in quantum computing are leading inevitably to the day that a quantum computer will be able to quickly crack existing encryption systems, threatening global financial institutions, critical infrastructure, national security assets and personal privacy.  NXM QUAKE (Quantum Augmented Key Encapsulation) is a ground-breaking security solution that protects existing computers and IoT devices against the threat of future quantum attacks with a simple software upgrade. NXM QUAKE works with NXM’s Autonomous Security platform that enables edge devices to automatically manage their own security. NXM’s agile cryptology allows devices to have their security keys, algorithms or entire frameworks upgraded remotely in the field at any time, including quantum-level protection.

Key Features

  1. Software-based (firmware) solution
  2. Works with existing protocols and enterprise processes
  3. Easy for system administrators and integrators to install
  4. Works on any embedded hardware or system
  5. Requires very little computing resources
  6. Protects low-power sensors to high-end servers
  7. NXM Autonomous Security compatible
  8. Available Now
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