Quantum Security

NXM’s agile cryptology allows devices to have their security keys, algorithms or entire frameworks upgraded remotely in the field at any time, including quantum-level protection. NXM does not develop its own encryption algorithms. Instead, we incorporate the latest cryptography standards and technologies, such as those currently being reviewed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) post-quantum encryption standardization project. 


Rapid advances in quantum computing are leading inevitably to the day that a quantum computer will be able to quickly crack existing encryption systems, threatening global financial institutions, critical infrastructure, national security assets and personal privacy.  NXM QUAKE (Quantum Augmented Key Encapsulation) is a ground-breaking solution that protects existing computers and IoT devices against the threat of future quantum attacks with a simple software upgrade. NXM QUAKE combines existing NIST encryption algorithms with quantum-resistant encryption. Compatible with NXM Autonomous Security, QUAKE takes advantage of NXM’s agile encryption and remote updating capabilities to offer quantum-safe encryption to existing device networks.

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