75% of people distrust
the way data is shared

"Companies [can] use high levels of privacy and security as a way to stand out from the crowd and build trust … creating a more secure consumer IoT environment."
- Internet Society, 2019

Privacy Starts Here

NXM Autonomous Security protects personally identifiable information at the chip level by keeping private data secure and separate from device data at all times. From the chip to the cloud and all points in between.

How we do it

NXM-enabled devices operate within a fully distributed Peer-Peer (P2P) network environment that provides unparalleled security. Pre-defined data is automatically tagged, segmented and bifurcated at the source. All personal, private and confidential information is handled separately from device-generated data such that any off-device storage is limited to private databases with no direct cloud access. Whereas machine-generated data is anonymized and encrypted for optional storage in the cloud. Without knowing the device’s unique ID, a hacker would find it virtually impossible to associate personal information with the anonymized machine data of any given device.

Consumer Protection

NXM makes it simple for brand manufacturers to create products that adhere to all privacy standards, including California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), GDPR and HIPPA regulations. NXM ensures that personally identifiable data is automatically protected and encrypted end-to-end from the device source to the cloud. All device data is fully anonymized, stored separately and never co-mingled with personal data.

Privacy By Design

NXM transforms ordinary connected devices into autonomous, self-governing machines capable of managing their own security. The first step in this process begins with Identity. To be considered autonomous, a device must possess a self-generated unique ID that works over any communication network. NXM’s patented software enables a processor to create and permanently store its own unique identity in protected memory and on an immutable Distributed Ledger. Immutable machine identity is the cornerstone upon which all autonomous device networks operate.

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