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World’s first insurance-backed warranty program for smart devices.

"Eighty percent of consumers believe that privacy and security should be assured by manufacturers and championed by retailers.”
– Internet Society Survey

of consumers would prefer products that were certified cyber safe when making purchasing decisions

Source: Redpimento Marketing

First IoT Cyber Warranty Program

Introducing the world’s first IoT cyber warranty certified by leading security authorities and backed by A-rated insurance companies. NXM CyberSafe® warranties enhance a manufacturer’s current parts & labor warranty to include protection from cyber attacks. NXM CyberSafe® warranties run concurrently with existing OEM warranties and are fully transferable.

increase in online sales for sites that display security badges like VeriSign at checkout

Source: Sleeknote

Increase Sales

The NXM Guaranteed CyberSafe® seal makes it easy for buyers to differentiate between brands that are independently certified secure from those that are not, increasing product sales.

of consumers would pay 10% or more for a product that was guaranteed cyber safe.

Source: Redpimento Marketing

UL Certified Security

NXM is the first IoT security solution provider to receive Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA) certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the world's leading independent safety science company.

Key Features

  1. World’s first OEM IoT warranty program backed by A-rated insurers
  2. Enhances existing warranties to include anti-hacking protection
  3. Protects devices and prevents network-wide cyber attacks
  4. Remotely reset device security remotely automatically at anytime
  5. End-to-end data encryption from any IoT product, to any cloud 
  6. Dedicated dashboard to monitor and administer your device network.
  7. Complies with all IoT security and data privacy regulations

How does it work?

We do the heavy lifting

  1. Simple, rapid integration process (90 days or less)
  2. Works with your existing product engineering processes
  3. Turnkey warranty administration platform
  4. Customized dashboard lets you manage device level security
  5. NXM CyberSafe Seal merchandising collateral


What does a cyber warranty cover?

  1. Extends OEM warranties to include cyber attack protection
  2. Hardware-level security monitoring
  3. Breaches are remedied via a remote software update

What types of products?

  1. Home Automation products
  2. Consumer electronics
  3. Any smart IoT device

Technical specifications

  1. Certified secure by Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  2. Rooted in advanced Arm-based processor security  
  3. Cloud vendor agnostic (MS Azure, AWS, IBM and others) 
  4. Supports Arm Cortex-M33 and Cortex-A based processors
  5. Compatible with Intel SGX and other leading security frameworks
  6. Unique encrypted lD for each device (no certificates required) 
  7. Secure device-to-device data communications (Peer-to-Peer) 
  8. No single-points-of-failure security vulnerabilities
  9. Fully auditable device security (blockchain enabled)  

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