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Hassle-free IoT Security for the STM32U5

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NXM’s IoT security platform eliminates the complexity and reduces the cost of implementing best-in-class security for IoT devices and their companion mobile and web apps. NXM provides complete end-to-end, product lifecycle security protection for your IoT product. Our development platform includes an STM32U5 Discovery Kit equipped with sensors, Wi-Fi and an Ethernet daughter-card, plus comprehensive Software Developer Kits (SDKs) with easy-to-use APIs, demo applications and source code.

Use the STM32U5 Discovery Kit and NXM SDKs to build a reference IoT device running FreeRTOS connecting to an AWS IoT Core test environment, complete with iOS and Android application SDKs for a complete OEM solution. Learn how NXM’s Platform Development Kit (PDK) and APIs support different RTOS, IoT clouds, network stacks, IDEs and firmware build pipelines.

Gain insights on how to implement Zero-Touch and Zero-Trust security best practices based on Arm’s Platform Security Architecture (PSA) standard that is being widely adopted across the IoT industry.

Use NXM’s security platform to:
  • Automate security using Zero-Touch and Zero-Trust security principles
  • Eliminate single points of failure in your products & services
  • Deliver products with premium security and a simplified user experience
  • Manage the secure boot and secure firmware build & release process
  • Achieve cloud independence for your IoT Cloud services 
  • Optimize security to fit your product’s memory footprint
  • Continue using ST tools, including STM32Cube IDE, Debugger and Programmer
NXM’s Development Kit combines the industry's top PSA-certified hardware with NXM’s PSA-certified security software stack that provides a fast-track to achieving UL IoT security and other certifications, providing a powerful competitive advantage.

Price: USD $425 per kit

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