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80% of the time and cost of developing artificial intelligence systems is data preparation

"IoT data has grown more than 40-fold since 2013 and will exceed 4.4 zettabytes by 2020." - IDC

How we do it

All too often big data ends up being dumb data. And it’s not because there’s too much of it. It’s because its messy, forcing data specialists to spend most of their time and effort cleaning it up for machine learning and other applications. NXM solves this problem for IoT edge data by enabling device manufacturers to pre-define the type of information they value most. Targeted data sets can then be segmented, tagged and anonymized at the source rather than co-mingled in the cloud.


NXM NameSpace™ is a hierarchal addressing and data tagging system that allows telematics data to be pre-labelled as a service and distributed using a simple publish and subscribe communication model. Designed for access control purposes, devices can publish and or subscribe to one or more services. Data services can be defined as public, protected or private and configured to store anonymized data in the Cloud. Combined with NXM’s distributed, P2P network and 5G capabilities, NameSpace™ provides a simple yet powerful framework for achieving bandwidth efficient, low latency data communications to allow IoT networks to scale.


NXM enables device makers and other permissioned stakeholders to glean insights from edge devices, leveraging precise, targeted data sets at the chip level to significantly reduce the cost and maintenance of artificial intelligence and other systems. NXM solves this problem by automatically segmenting, tagging and anonymizing data at the source. NXM never co-mingles personally identifiable information with device data, making it ideal for machine learning and AI applications. NXM supports advanced edge computing and distributed processing applications, paving the way for dramatic advances in machine learning and AI at the edge.

Trust by design

NXM employs distributed ledger and other technologies to automate edge device security, providing a root of trust and governance based on machine consensus that safeguards devices and ensures data integrity while at the same time protecting personal data privacy. Products built with NXM technology are independently tested by the world's leading safety testing laboratory and certified to be trustworthy.

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