"Most IoT devices lack security by design…treating customers as techno-crash test dummies"
- James Scott, Sr. Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

What’s so different about NXM?

No single point of failure

NXM Autonomous Security transforms IoT protection by enabling commercial and industrial IoT device networks to automatically defend themselves and recover from cyberattacks. NXM’s distributed and decentralized security framework does not rely on vulnerable centralized certificate authorities.

Protect, Detect and Recover

NXM prevents malicious access to devices by outsiders¸ insiders and supply chain attackers. NXM provides lifetime device protection and has no impact on power, performance or network latency. It is ideal for both energy constrained, battery operated devices, as well high-performance edge computing applications. Our patented, chip-level software monitors device security and automatically responds to threats to prevent network-wide intrusions. Comprehensive end-to-end data encryption and device-to-cloud verification ensures data integrity and privacy protection.

Intelligent Monitoring

NXM has been engineered to defend against all forms of cyber attacks, including those that can compromise entire device networks. Always on guard, NXM prevents unauthorized device access and ensures that all firmware is digitally signed and authorized before being loaded onto a device. Patented distributed digital ledger technology automatically manages device access and enforces security policies, providing an immutable record of device access for forensic and security analysis.

Secure Communication

All data communication is encrypted at the device-level, over-the-air, and to the cloud, including chip-to-chip for mesh networking applications. NXM supports secure MQTT, TLS and SSH protocols as well as a wide range of networks, including LAN, WiFi and Cellular. NXM’s patented, immutable machine identity solution allows devices to authenticate each other and generate their own encryption keys to establish secure communication channels. Secure machine-to-machine communications enables ironclad remote maintenance and mesh data sharing between devices, combined with the industry’s most comprehensive access controls and data privacy protection.

Platform Security Architecture (PSA) Certified

NXM embodies the latest security-by-design engineering principles and is Platform Security Architecture (PSA) certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Supported by the world’s leading chip vendors, PSA provides a unified and scalable security framework that helps reduce OEM product development costs and time to market.

Automated Operations

NXM is the first software-only platform designed to automate the security and management of large-scale IoT deployments. NXM’s distributed and decentralized device management model enforces finely grained access privileges and administrative controls providing an immutable audit trail of all device access activities.

Easy Integration

NXM’s firmware SDK enables application firmware to be easily integrated with Arm PSA and NXM security functions. NXM sandboxes the application environment. Simple to use APIs make it easy to access the full NXM Autonomous Security management system. NXM has no impact on processor performance, heat or power consumption and enhances the security of existing FOTA processes by leveraging the chip’s trusted execution environment to verify code integrity.

How does it work?

NXM Autonomous Security verifies four key stages in the lifecycle of an IoT device, from provisioning to full recovery.

Key features

  1. Scalable, software-only solution
  2. Cloud and hardware agnostic
  3. Lifetime protection against malicious attacks
  4. Real-time, trusted, device-level alerts
  5. Validated and secure over-the-air firmware updates
  6. Immutable device records for forensic analysis
  7. Automated intrusion recovery

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