Autonomous Security

NXM Autonomous Security® is a scalable cybersecurity platform that enables device networks to automatically defend themselves and recover from cyber attacks. NXM is designed to overcome interoperability challenges and eliminate single-points-of-failure network vulnerabilities that threaten critical space, air, land and sea assets.

Machine Identity

The cornerstone of Autonomous Security is immutable machine identity. NXM’s patented software enables chips to generate their own unique machine identities and associated cryptographic keys which are stored in secure processor memory, eliminating the need for hard coded keys to protect endpoint data communications.

Dynamic Security

Due to strict security requirements, satellites and other high value assets have traditionally relied on pre-loaded keys to safeguard communications. However, this static security model creates a barrier to deploying next generation satellite constellations, drones and evolving dynamic network applications. NXM solves these challenges by enabling satellites and other devices to dynamically generate their own keys and share them with other authorized endpoint devices. NXM employs agile cryptography to enable compromised assets in the field to be remotely restored to a secure state, as well as allow devices to upgrade their security algorithms and frameworks to counter rapidly evolving cyber threats, including quantum.

Autonomous Operations

NXM's distributed and decentralized Command and Control security model enforces finely grained access privileges and administrative control while providing a complete audit trail of all device activity using blockchain technology. This allows Command and Control networks to integrate under one system and provide decentralized authorization for interoperable and standardized communication that are not vulnerable to single-points-of-failure threats.

Data Integrity

NXM's security model ensures all devices and endpoints are authorized to join the network and have the capability to autonomously authenticate each connection themselves. This allows one-to-many data sharing applications to be secured and authenticated for Common Operational Pictures (COPs) and advanced Global Situational Awareness for real-time mission control.

Autonomous Security

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